Q. "Error :0x80070570" displayed in log file when installing AutoPIPE

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July 2020


User with Administration right to the computer is attempting to install AutoPIPE, after double clicking on the EXE file nothing happens. Then while trying to use the Windows CMD command process to gather log files the following "Error 0x80070570" was located in the temp directory. 


Why is this happening and how to Avoid it?


 This error has only occurred one time, where the following resolved the issue to install the application:

1. Download a fresh copy of the installation file from Bentley directly to the users computer. 

2. Copy / Move the EXE download to the Windows Desktop.

3. Install the application from the desktop. 

If the suggested above above does not work, perform all the steps outlined here, log a Service Request, and send the requested files in a single zip file. 

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