06. Managing License issue in AutoPIPE v.11.04 or lower:

Note: Non-Select accounts do not have access to the Select Server, contact Bentley for assistance.

  1. Who has an AutoPIPE license checked out?

  2. User not in office, has a license checked out to their systems, cannot get a pooled license. How can I use the application?

  3. Bentley has renewed my SELECT contract, how do I get my new license? Please see Renewal Process for All Licensing

  4. SELECTserver and Product Activation Wiki

  5. From the user's License report, user's name shows as ?????

  6. Restrict the type of license user can actually use in AutoPIPE

  7. SELECT Open Access TechNotes and FAQs (Note: If you have more questions, contact your account manager)

  8. Instructions for Bentley On-Site Administrator to create a new login for a co-worker or edit their roles to download / log service requests.
     Video here

  9. Node Lock / Non-Select Users - click here

  10. Over-Usage Type issue

    1. Maximize your Success with SELECT Open Access 

    2. Additional SELECT Open Access FAQ on Over-usage
    3. How can I be notified of license overuse? (Note: If you have more questions, contact your account manager) 

    4. Understanding, Monitoring and Managing Licensing Usage and Overusage

    5. How do I check AutoPIPE Stress ISO back into the license pool to not accumulate over usage charges?

    6. How did I incur overcharges of my license?

    7. How do I prevent overusage of AutoPIPE products?

    8. Strategies for limiting usage

    9. Custom Activation Groups

    10. How do I use the Product Usage Report?

    11. Can I restrict license usage to checkouts only?
    12. Will updating LMT help with 10 min or less overusage issues?
  11. Licensing: What occurs when a non-trust license version of AutoPIPE is started?

  12. How to move an AutoPIPE License from one computer to the next?
  13. How many sessions of AutoPIPE can I run at the same time on the same computer with only 1 license?

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