08. Training / Trial / Trust License Issues in AutoPIPE v.11.04 or lower

A. Demo Mode:  

If no valid license is available then AutoPIPE will run in a limited function Demo mode.

In this mode, AutoPIPE:

> Cannot insert more than 20 points in the model.

> Cannot run any analyses if the model has more than 20 points.

Options to license the application after expiration date:

a. Use Demo mode

b. Use Trial Mode - allowed only one time

c. Get a Trail / Evaluation License Key

d. Get a Training license key

e. Configure SELECTServer with a valid Serve Name and Site Activation Key. 


1. In Demo mode, any file can be imported into AutoPIPE but a valid license is required to export or Save as a model to Caesar II Neutral (*.cii) file.

2. See WIKI here for more information about demo mode.

B. Trial Mode: 

After the application has been installed and first started, the program will ask the user to enter into Trial Model. Trial model enables the user to use all the features in AutoPIPE for 7 days. After 7 days, trial mode will expire and the program will revere to DEMO Mode. 

Open LMT (License Management Tool - form inside of AutoPIPE press File> License Configuration>),

Options to license the application after expiration date:

a. Use Demo mode

b. Get a trail / Training license key  (contact Account Manager or Log a Bentley Service Request)

c. Configure SELECTServer with a valid Serve Name and Site Activation Key. 


1. Trial Mode should not be confused with the next type of license, Trial / Training License.

2. The Trial mode can be activated only once per workstation.

3. One of the perks of a SOA (Select Open Access) license is the ability to trial any Bentley software application one time per a hierarchy for 30 days. After 30 days, any usage will result in a QTL invoice at the end of the month. 

C. Trial / Evaluation License:  

Users can enter a valid trial activation key to start a trial of Advanced Edition features with a controlled expiration date (typically one calendar month). The trial activation key will be validated against a fixed select server by issuing a validation call over the internet and once validated, user can start to use the product. When the trial license expires, program will display the license expiration message and convert to demo mode. Please contact a Bentley sales representatives who can provide a trial key to users for this access. 

Options to license the application after expiration date:

a. Use Demo mode

b. Get a Training license key

c. Configure SELECTServer with a valid Serve Name and Site Activation Key. 


1. The Trial / Evaluation license can be activated only once per workstation

2. See WIKI here for what features are available in AutoPIPE Advanced edition. 

AutoPIPE Connect 11.00.00 and higher

While in AutoPIPE, select File> License Configuration> 

Note: Trial key typically starts with TK_  (as indicated above)

AutoPIPE Connect 10.01.xx.xx and lower

In order to use an evaluation license the user must check out a license. See following WIKI's for details

AS mentioned in AutoPIPE online help -  If Nuclear, Advanced, Standard, or KHK 2 Add On is selected and AutoPIPE can not find an authorized version, the user will be asked if they would like to use a trial license.  If the trial license has expired AutoPIPE will revert to demo mode.

A trial license is available to allow full-feature access for a single 15-day period. The trial license can be activated only once per workstation. If the program is opened and a valid license is not available, the program will prompt the user with a choice to either activate the trial period (if available) or continue in Demo mode.  The number of days left for the trial period is shown every time the program is opened.  After the trial license expires, running the program without a valid license will display the message 'Your 15 day trial license has expired or it is not set up properly.'

This trial mode will work on computer that does not have an internet connection and revert to demo mode after the 15-days has elapsed.

D. Training license:   

After signing up for an official Bentley training class, the teacher will contact the Bentley Institute to request training licenses for each class participants and then email them as needed. These are only temporary license that have a finite amount of time before the application will then revert to DEMO mode. If you are having problems with your Training license, contact the teacher of that class. They will be provide the the correct Server Name and Site Activation Key to enter into Bentley's License Management Tool to use the application during the class period.  

After your training License has run out, contact your Account / Company Admin to request that they send quote to Bentley for purchasing a new license for AutoPIPE.

Set Up:

Step #1:

Must have internet connection for this key to work.

Step #2:

Class Trainer will send out an email or request an email with the training Server Name and Site Activation key.


1: Server Name (typically) = Selectserver.bentley.com

2. Site Activation Key (typically starts with VS ...) = VS-123ac456def789ghij123klmn 

Step #3:

Start LMT (License Management Tool)

One method, while in AutoPIPE, select File> License Configuration> after the application has been opened select Tools> Option>

 tep 4:

Enter the Server and Site activation key as received in email above (see Step #2).

Step #5:

Press Test Connection button, the key should verify.

If Yes, press OK.

If NOT, see WIKI here.

 Step #6: 

Press OK and start using AutoPIPE. 

E.  Select Server License                                                                                                        

See WIKI here for details on configuring a SELECT Server License.

F.  Trust Licensing                                                                                                                   

AutoPIPE V8i 09.06.xx.xx and higher now supports Trust Licensing, select link here for more details.

AutoPIPE V8i 09.05.xx.xx and lower requires two items:

1. Bentley IEG be installed

2. Available license for checkout.

The program will automatically check an available license based on the edition radio button selection and automatically check it back in once the application is closed. When AutoPIPE is closed, users can also manually check  out/in licenses. 

G.  Lost Licensing information  

Contact Bentley Licensing team or log a Bentley Service Request provide as much information as possible about your, our company, and the last time the application was used.

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