- How to model a real life support in AutoPIPE?

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Feb. 2021


How to model a real life support in AutoPIPE?


 Suggested procedure in modeling a real life support in AutoPIPE

1. Look at the real life support:

a. How does the support function?

b. What are the constraints of the support? 

c. Limitations

d. etc..

2. With an AutoPIPE model opened, insert / modify a support to display the Support dialog. Next, press Help button to see detailed information about the dialog.

3. Thoroughly review the Support table that describes all 9 of the supports available in AutoPIPE with their description and limitations. Be sure to completely understand each support's bearing direction and other nuances.

Note, when using AutoPIPE users can place more that one support at a node point. 

5. Decide on what support or supports are needed to mimic the real live support in AutoPIPE and insert at node point with the respective settings. This is the key to modeling a real life support in AutoPIPE. How many AutoPIPE supports are needed in order to model the real life support. 

6. Analyze the AutoPIPE model, and check the newly modeled support to be sure that it closely mimic the real life support.


See WIKI here to see how this process can be used to model a real life rod hanger. 

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