18. Drawing Viewer

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Product(s):AutoPIPE Vessel
Version(s):CONNECT EditionĀ 
Area: Drawing
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October. 2017


Do we need to Install separate CAD Software to View Autopipe Vessel Drawing?


The program can create dgn (Microstation) 2D drawings and 3D models (without BOOLEAN operation) which can be viewed from within the program using the dgn viewer, for this no CAD software needs to be installed on the computer:

If the user has a specific CAD software (that is supported by AutoPIPE Vessel for export) installed on his machine, he can specify that type of CAD software (AutoCAD, MicroStation, SolidWorks) in the File > Preference dialog box on the Default Path tab and the software can create the specific file type that can be opened in that CAD program.

CAD Software Executable

Full file name of the CAD software executable.

If blank, then the application associated with the file extension will be used.

If the CAD Software Name is Microstation and the CAD Software Executable file is Microstation.exe, the boolean operations will be added in the 3D .dgn drawing file.

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