W21-21: Cannot perform this operation, multiple points selected.... warning message occurred in Auto

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Sept. 2017


The following is displayed when using AutoPIPE

W21-21: Cannot perform this operation, multiple points selected.

Why and How to avoid it?


 This may have occurred when one or more node points were selected in the model and trying to press the Home > Operations > Segments > Join Segment(s)


Trying to connect A02 to B00, by selecting the node points and pressing the Segment Join command. 

There are a number of rules associated with using the Segment Split / Join operations, suggest to review AutoPIPE help for details on them all. 


First and foremost, this operation can only be performed at a RUN node point that was shared by only 2 segments. Follow any other rules mentioned in AutoPIPE help. 

In the example above. 

Step #1:

Select first node point on Segment B (ex. B00)

Step #2: 

Insert Run from front of valve face  (B00) to last node point of previous segment, A02

Step #3:

Use Segment Join command to join both segments. 


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