W2143-123: Sh > 20 ksi (138 MPa). In calculation Sh will be set to 20 ksi (138 MPa) for expansion al

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The following is displayed when performing a model consistency check report:

* * * W A R N I N G - MODEL * * *
W2143-123 Sh > 20 ksi (138 MPa). In calculation Sh will be set to
20 ksi (138 MPa) for expansion allow at following point(s)

Why is that and how to Avoid it?


As stated in the warning message a value of Sh in the one of the Pipe Properties is >20 ksi (138 MPa). So long as the value is larger than that mentioned the warning will be displayed. 

In general, this has to do with a clause in the code that limits Sh to 20 ksi if Su > 70 ksi (480- MPa) .

Note: if using ASME B31.3 Piping code, see the code definitions of Sh for more details on why this warning is applied in AutoPIPE. 

Avoidance :

Option #1 - Accept the warning and let the application automatically change Sh as mentioned to correctly calculate the allowable.


Option #2 - Physically change the value(s) of the all the affected Pipe Property so that Sh < 20 ksi (138 MPa). then the warning message will disappear. 


Option #3 - Manually set the allowable for the specific code combination on the Load Combination dialog:

1- Un-check Auto Update

2- Manually change from "Automatic" to (enter a valid value). 

Option #4 - Set Ultimate strength less than 70,000, and the program will start using higher Sc, Sh values. This should work for B31.1 2007 and later piping codes.

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