W31-86: No allowable stresses are available for the selected material in the material library warn

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The following appears when I select a material on the pipe properties dialog screen, how to resolve?


 W31-86:   No allowable stresses are available for the selected
 material in the material library, program will use existing data.


As mentioned on the warning message, there is no allowable stresses available for the selected material in the material library, program will use existing data that was preset when the dialog was first opened or uses 0.00.

Anotherwords, based on the Tools> Model Options> General> Material Library selection, and Pipe Property> Pipe ID> Pipe Material selection, there is no allowable values available to be used in populating the respective dialog(s) fields. 

Note: See image above, see that the column "Auto" is grayed out and unchecked. This would be a key indicator that the value in the next field is not a library returned value. Therefore it is the responsibility of the user to validate the value used in the next field. 

Therefore a warning, W31-86, is displayed for your knowledge and suggestion to make manual adjustments as necessary. 

A material library is broken up into 2 or more sections, typically Material section and Specification section. The Material selection has general temperature related data (i.e. Theremal Exp, Young's Mod). However the Specification section has detailed temperature related data (i.e. Yield Stress) that includes allowable stress information.

Example, standard pipe matrial like carbon steel (CS) would be listed in the Material Section, because there are literally hundreds of different types of carbon steels all with different Allowable values. However a specific code dependent pipe materials like carbon steel ASTM A53-A would be listed in the Specification section of the material library. This material would have documented Allowable values that would be used to populate the various dialog fields required by the program.

In the event this warning message W31-86 appears, you have the following options:

a. Select a different material that has code allowable data in the material library

b. Or, manually enter values for both the Pipe Properties dialog and Operating Press/Temp dialog as required.

c.. Or, accept the default values already populating those locations.

For added information, please see the following AutoPIPE help section:

Help > Contents> Contents Tab> Reference Information> Libraries>:

Standard Pipe Materials

Code Dependent Pipe Materials

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