W507-43: No pressure case found for non-linear hydrotest - warning message in AutoPIPE

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Area: Analysis
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group
Date Logged
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Oct. 2016


The following warning appears when running an analysis?

W507-43: No pressure case found for non-linear hydrotest.
The 'Pressure before temperature' property for non-linear analysis
set has been disabled.

Why does this occur and how to fix it?


This is a warning to the user that the Hydrotest analysis set was configured with a Temperature load case but not with a selected Pressure load case. Is this the user's intent to do this or was the Pressure setting overlooked?

If this was done intentionally, than ignore the warning and continue.

If this was an oversite, than open the Hydrotest dialog and select a Hydrotest Pressure Case as shown below:

Select OK and now re-run the analysis. 

Note: If "Test Pressure Case" = None, than Pressure = 0.00 is used to calculate the moments used in the equation. 

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