Q. "Error 0x800713ec" displayed in log file when installing AutoPIPE

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Feb 2020


User with Administration right to the computer is attempting to install AutoPIPE, while going installation process the application suddenly crashes / fails. 

After the installation abort, the following was found in the error log file:

Error 0x800713ec: Process returned error: 0x13ec

Why is this happening and how to Avoid it?


For unknown reasons, the following pre-requisites (Visual C++ Redistributable Packages) failed to install:

- vcredist_vs2010_x86

- vcredist_vs2013_x86

- vcredist_vs2015Update3_x86

Note: Review readme file, download and install all prerequisites required before installing AutoPIPE 

Log a Service Request mentioning this WIKI page. TSG will send back a link to download these files. After downloading, restart the computer, unzip the file, and then install the application. One may need to involve their IT department for permissions to install these applications. 

Again, restart the machine and try to install AutoPIPE as mentioned here

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