Floor Load warning in the Output File

My output file has a floor load warning . What does this mean?

**WARNING** about Floor/OneWay Loads/Weights.  Please note that depending on the shape of the floor you may
   have to break up the FLOOR/ONEWAY LOAD into multiple commands. For details please refer to Technical     Reference Manual Section 5.32.4 Note 6."


It is simply a way to remind the user to ensure that the regions on which the load is applied should comply in terms of their shape with the suggestions provided in Section 5.32.4 of the Technical Reference manual.

The warning does not necessarily mean that there are any errors in the loads that have been generated by STAAD’s FLOOR LOAD or ONEWAY LOAD generation facilities. The user should be aware that in some instances, it is necessary to break up the floor loads and oneway loads into smaller regions.  Section 5.32.4 of the Technical Reference Manual gives a detailed explanation of these situations.