How do I stop the Structural Dashboard from appearing?

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 Original Author:Jeremy Hoesly, Bentley Technical Support Group


Structural Dashboard is an optional component that helps establish workflows between Bentley applications that are designed to communicate with each other. It can be used as a launcher and as a central location from which to monitor product news feeds. Additionally, it provides a version checking feature that helps users and administrators determine whether they have the latest releases of their products.

By default, the Structural Dashboard automatically starts when a Structural product is opened. This behavior may not be desirable to some engineers, however. Two methods exist for stopping the auto-start behavior.

Steps to Accomplish

Option 1 - Turn off the auto-start feature from within Structural Dashboard

  1. Open the Structural Dashboard by either opening a Structural Product or by selecting from the Windows Start menu:
    All Programs -> Bentley Engineering -> Structural Dashboard V8i SELECTseries 1

  2. Click the Edit Settings button in the upper left corner.

  3. Remove the checkmark in the first checkbox.

Option 2 - Uninstall Structural Dashboard

  1. Open the Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP) or Programs and Features (Windows Vista/7/8) control panel.

  2. Uninstall Bentley Structural Dashboard.

Option 3 - Change settings within each program

In some individual applications, like SELECTseries 5, there is an option within the program configuration to control whether the Dashboard shows on startup or not.

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