04. General FAQ's about Supports and Beams in AutoPIPE

Item #1: Support type that are not active for static seismic and dynamic load cases

Item #2: Caesar guide support compared to AutoPIPE guide supports


A guide support in AutoPIPE is different than Caesar's guide element - it's equal to Caesar's 2 supports (guide and Y stop). In AutoPIPE, a guide supports the pipe in the vertical and lateral directions but not axial. You can input gaps to remove vertical support or other directions if required. A guide support in AutoPIPE is always normal to the local pipe axis, so if the pipe is rotated the guide stays normal to the pipe which is very useful also when guides on skewed pipe.

NOTE: Large gap will not display the support symbol in that direction for convenience.

Item #3: Tips and Tricks when working on Combined Beam Structural & Piping models

Item #4: Impose support displacement

Item #5: Flexible anchor / rigid anchor 

Item #6: Model pendulum swing of a pipe on a rod support

Item #7: Typical gaps values should be used for guide supports

Item #8: Gaps setting = As-built or Weightless

Item #9: Support / anchor stiffness are being rest to a lower value

Item #10: Support Friction Coefficient 

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