16. How to add a ASME B31E type combination into an ASME B31.3 piping analysis using AutoPIPE

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July 2022


User's scenario:

The governing code for my project is ASME B31E (Standard for the Seismic Design and Retrofit of Above-Ground Piping Systems). The allowable stress calculation/limit is below:

I want to avoid post-processing forces and stresses to determine the above limit, and would like to devise a way for AutoPIPE to do that for me.


The best way to do manually could be:

1. Create directional static and dynamic combinations

2. Combine the directional combinations using the combination methods provided to obtain Mseismic

3. Set the category for Mseismic as occasional stress and enable the use 0.75i option for occasional loads

4. Create another combination (you can use Occasional category) and add (SUS) and the combination is step 3 at stress level. The results from that combination would not be exactly according to B31E requirements but would be close approximation.

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