Modeling 2D Frames in Ram Structural System

 Product(s):RAM Structural System
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How can I model a 2D frame in Ram Structural System?

Ram Structural System models are typically full 3D buildings, but it is possible to model a 2D frame following these steps.

  1. Define at least one layout type to model the beams. If the frame is multi-story but the beams are the same length on all levels, then a single layout type will suffice.
  2. Model a grid system with grids, typically in the X direction, at each column line. There also needs to be one Y grid. (Tip - the Modeler tends to zoom to the limits of the grid system, so use the manual grid extents control to extend the grids a few feet from the origin so that the default view is not zoomed in too closely)
  3. Add lateral columns and beams on grid.
  4. Define the story data.
  5. In the elevation view:
    1. Model any braces that are needed
    2. Assign the desired member end fixity. The column bases should be fixed against out of plane rotation
    3. Add nodal load cases and nodal loads.
  6. Foundations can also be modeled if desired.

A sample model is available here: 

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