"Cannot insert Component after a tee. Please insert a pipe run first"... message appears when modeli

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July. 2022


The following appears in AutoPIPE when trying to create Stress Isometric:

Bentley AutoPIPE
Cannot insert Component after a tee. Please insert a pipe run first.

Why and How to resolve?


Please read the dialog message again!

In this case, the message clearly states that AutoPIPE requires that a pipe component be placed between a Tee component and the next piping component (ex. a Valve...).

Recall that a Tee is a single node point and has 3 or more legs. Each leg connects the tee's vertices to the next component. Therefore, at a minimum model a tee component and the length of the tee to the connection of the next pipe component. 

Modeling a Flanged valve connected to a Tee

a. Starting a Tee Node point.

b. Insert pipe run from Tee Node to Weld location

c. Next model Weld next flange, insert pipe run equal to length of flange hub

d. Finally, insert flanged valve. 

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