W726-205: SIF and flexibility factors have not been validated for D/t > 100 warning message appears

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What does the following warning mean from the model consistency check report and how to resolve?

W726-205:SIF and flexibility factors have not been validated for D/t > 100 as
per SIF table in the code. The following pipe id's have D/t > 100 and
any SIF or flexibility factors on these lines could be affected:


For some codes (ex. B31.3), the SIF calculations have only been validated for a certain range of pipe sizes. For any pipe size out side of the range, the SIF calculations may not be valid. Let us consider an example, using ASME B31.3 2016, see Flexibility and Stress Intensification on table D300 and refer to General Note:

As the warning message above mentions, the indicated Pipe IDs have a ratio that exceeds that mentioned by the code. The program will always print this warning message so long as a pipe property used in the model exceeds a limit provided by the respective code.

As the stress engineer, you will need to make a choice on how to handle this warning, suggest a company meeting to collective decide:

a. Ignore the warning

b. Review project documentation / specifications for guidance

c. Add a user SIF and flexibility at specific node point location(s) calculated by another program, provided by manufacture, hand calculations, etc..

d. Other

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