RAM Structural System File Does Not Convert and Open - GetNextUniqueID

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 Product:RAM Structural System;
First Affected Version:N/A
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Fixed in Version:N/A
 Area: File
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Problem Description

An error pointing to the .uid file and GetNextUniqueID is displayed when attempting to open and convert a file saved in a previous version. The error terminates the conversion process and the file cannot be opened.


Remnant files in the working directory are causing problems for the file conversion.


1.  Close out of all RAM programs.

2.  Open Windows Explorer (Right Click on Windows Start button and choose Open Windows Explorer).

3.  Navigate to the working directory for RAM Structural System. This is the path noted in the error message. Delete all files in the working directory. If a RAM Structural System model is not open, this directory should be empty.

(Please note that this directory is inside hidden folders. Make sure that the Windows Folder Options are configured to show hidden files and folders).

4. Open RAM Structural System and try opening the file.