01. Is a V-stop model as a Bi-directional the same as a V-stop model as a shoe in AutoPIPE?

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March. 2017


Will the results change if the support is modeled as a Bi-directional type V-stop or as a Shoe type V-Stop?


Let us review the Help information on this subject by double clicking on any support to open the support dialog screen, and press the Help button in the lower right corner of the screen. 

On the help page see a grid of information about the different types of supports, look for the row on V-stops:

Notice that the bearing direction for a V-stop support is Vertical only with support options for Gaps and Friction. Select the V-stop hyperlink at the beginning of the row. On the next screen read about the V-stop support and then select the hyperlink near the bottom labeled "Bi-Direction/Rod Hanger/Shoe".  This will display a definition about each support type. Recommend to read each definition. 

In conclusion, it does not matter which support symbol is selected as the bearing direction will remain the same regardless. Only difference is some gap settings may be automatically set to 0.00 and grayed out. 

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