~ Sales questions - AutoPIPE

If you need help from our sales team starting in Sept 2022, Bentley has a new resource for our users to engage with, go to WWW.Bentley.com, and select the Chat feature in the lower right corner. 


Follow the prompts to enter in some basic information and the next available Sales person will contact you.

Otherwise 2 more resources are:

1. If you need an immediate answer, please contact Bentley, request to speak with the Licensing or Contracts department. 


2. Logged a new Service Request here. Be sure to select the "Licensing and User Admin" tile or "Billing, Order, and Contract Support" tile. Either of these will be able to direct you to the correct person. 

Note, recommend not to select the "Technical Support" tile, Technical Support is dedicated to answering questions related to questions with in the application and not so much about account information.  w

Another resource would be to contact your company assigned Bentley On-site Administrator.