Applying wind loading on plates

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Environment: ALL
Area: Modeling
Subarea: Wind Load Generation
Original Author:Sye Chakraborty, Bentley Technical Support Group


I have a plate model. I am trying to generate wind loading on it using the automatic wind load generator but the load is not being generated. Can you please tell me why ?


The reason the automatic wind load generation is not working is because STAAD.Pro can only generate wind loading on beam members and when these members form closed panels. Since your model consist of plates, the software is not able to generate the wind loads automatically. Here are 3 options that you may consider. You may use any ONE that is most convenient for you


  1. You may apply the loads directly to the plates using plate pressure loads

  2. You may apply the loads to the nodes of the plate model using nodal loads

  3. You may create dummy beam members connecting the nodes of the plate mesh and that way the software would still be able to generate the wind loading at the various node points. The dummy members should be assigned a material of zero density and very low E value so that these do not add any loads or stiffness to the analysis.