RAM Steel

RAM Steel, composed of RAM Steel Beam and RAM Steel Column, is the steel gravity design portion of the RAM Structural System.

The RAM Steel Beam Design module provides a powerful capability for the gravity design of composite and noncomposite beams and girders as well as the selection of Steel Joists and SMI Smartbeams. In addition to the automated optimization of beam sizes, existing conditions can be checked. Tributary loads from the user-defined surface, line and point load patterns, loads on girders due to beams which frame into them, live load reduction factors based on one of several available building codes, and effective flange width are all automatically calculated. Special design considerations, such as depth restrictions, can be specified. Designs can be performed using one of the included steel design codes. Codes currently available include the AISC Allowable Stress Design (ASD), Load & Resistance Factor Design (LRFD), BS5950, CAN/CSA S16-01 and the Eurocode steel provisions.

The RAM Steel Column Design module provides a powerful capability for the design of gravity columns and their baseplates. Axial loads, unbalanced moments, live load reductions and bracing conditions are automatically calculated. Optimum sizes may be obtained or existing conditions analyzed.

For an overview of all the RAM Structural System modules, refer to RAM SS - Modules Overview

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