Cannot access the AutoPIPE or AutoPIPE Vessel Private User Communities pages, why?

The following may appear:



This may be caused by a number of reasons:

1. User Login credentials have changed

2. Company has federated their users

3. etc..


When a user changes their email addresses, their IMS account’s GUID remained the same. Although their linked Communities account has the right GUID, it has the wrong old email address. This will need to be manually fixed on our end. Please log a Service Request and reference this WIKI page. Also provide both the previous email address and the new email address.

Note, only member of the Private community should attempt the instructions below. IF not a member than follow instructions here first to become a member or the private community. 

Perform the following:

1. Open up Bentley communities here.

a. In the top right corner, select the silhouetted head and sign in with your new email address.

b. Are you able to sign in?

If No, then; 

i. Take a screen shot of the error message.

ii. Ask a co-worker if thy are having troubles signing into Bentley Communities.

If Yes, continue below.

c. While signed in, try to access this Private community home page here.

Can you see this page?

If No what is the error message.

If Yes, try to select the "Files" tile at the top of the page.

what happens, can you download files from the site?

If yes, Done.. congratulations you have successfully access the private WIKI page and are able to download QA documents.

If no, please log a Service Request, reference this WIKI page and attach all screen shots of error messages encountered and at what step in the process.