03c. Modeling Support and Beam Structures in AutoPIPE

Select Support from the Insert or Modify menu to display the Support dialog. A support may be added at any point in the piping (or framing) system, and more than one support is allowed at a point. Once the "Support Type" is specified, the dialog is updated to provide additional fields which are unique to the type of support requested.

With an AutoPIPE model loaded, open the support dialog screen and press the "Help" button. The table will provide detailed information about the 9 different support types including bearing direction, and support options for each type of support.

From the online help,  only when the first support is entered into a model does the dialog have any default values. Each successive support inserted afterwards, the dialog recalls the previous settings.  

Item #1: Different Type of supports

Item #2: Help Example Methods

Item #3: Beam Structure

Item #4: General FAQ's about Supports and Beams

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