"1 Interrupted Action" messages displayed while coping AutoPIPE file, why?

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Jan 2023


The following message dialog appears when trying to view a Stress iso drawing in OPIM. 

1 Interrupted Action
Are you sure you want to copy this file without properties

The file Setup_AutoPIPEx86_12.08.04.009.exe has properties that can't be

to the new location.

Yes    Skip  Cancel

Why doe this occur and how to avoid it?


There is no problems with the installer or the downloaded file. This is only a warning that the Windows Operating System displays. This dialog cannot be resolved because it is merely a warning and not a real issue. Again, this is an issue with the host computer, the destination of the copied file, and file properties.  . 


Short answer, Click Yes, and review / modify the file properties in the destination location as needed. 

To completely avoid this message from appearing, preform internet search for  "Are You Sure You Want to Copy This File Without Its Properties"., review the various web sites and determine best option for you / your company,


Click here -  Workable solutions:

a. Convert to NTFS

b. Change File Permissions

c. Compress Files

d. Move/Recover Lost Files

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