ISM Import or Export Unhandled Exception Occurred

 Product(s):Structural Synchronizer
 Area: Import/Export


Importing or Exporting models from ISM enabled applications could result in "one of the following errors:

1. Creating an ISM repository from Revit Structure.
When you click on the Browse button in the Export dialog

The following error could appear

2. Importing an ISM repository in RAM Structural System.
This error could occur when you go to give the RAM model a name


These errors can be linked to either a missing or corrupt Bentley SPC Server application.


To resolve the errors open Control Panel > Uninstall a Program and look to see if the SPC Server is installed. If it is installed it is probably corrupt.
First uninstall Structural Synchronizer then uninstall Bentley SPC Server V8i SS4. Also, uninstall any Bentley Structural Property Catalogs that exist.

Reinstall Structural Synchronizer and test the Import/Export commands.