ISM Floor Framing Not Exported From RAM Structural System

 Product(s):RAM Structural System
 Area:Structural Synchronizer
 Subarea:Export Repository


What to look at if you create an ISM repository from a RAM Structural System model and none of the framing for any story is not exported. (Beams, Joists, Columns, Bracing)


You can get the following errors when the shapes are not being exported. 

ISM Plugin for RSS log file

Product Version:


Error Messages

   An error occurred during the export of a column (Error message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.)

      Element Id: 9901

      Element Id: 10001

Open RAM Modeler and inspect the story data. If you are missing story labels or story levels skip a level those stories may not be exported. 

Add a Story Label for each Floor Type and adjust the story Level numbers so that there are no gaps.