Remove incorrectly mapped section properties

 Area: General; Import/Export


I'm doing structural synchronization from ISM to STAAD.Pro. I incorrectly matched the section properties assigned in the model (during synchronizing process). When I redo to import (ISM) the pop-up to match sections is not appearing anymore and it follows with the wrong section properties. How to bring it back?


Go to C:\ProgramData\Bentley\Engineering\StrucLink\Data folder and open file Shapes19S3.mdb. All the mapping information should be saved in the StaadToISMSectionMaps table in this file. Open this table and scroll down till the end of the table. Manually mapped sections will have Mapping Type set to UserMapped:

You may delete the incorrectly mapped lines and during the next ISM Repository creation process you will be asked to map those sections again.

*Note: some of the mentioned folders my be hidden on some machines.