No tube sections within American Steel database

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Version(s): and up
Environment: ALL
Area: General
Subarea: American Section database
Original Author:Sye Chakraborty, Bentley Technical Support Group


I am trying to define standard Tube Sections from within the American Section database and finding out that I cannot do that anymore. There is a message as shown next. How can I define tubes ?




In the recent section databases that are provided by AISC, the Tube sections has been replaced by HSS sections ( Rectangular/Square HSS ) and in STAAD.Pro you will find these sections under the HSS Rectangle category within the Section Profile table for American sections. The tube sections have been taken out for that reason. You should use the HSS sections in lieu of tubes. If for some reason, you would have to use the Tube, here are a couple of things you can do


Option 1

In STAAD.Pro v8i and older, you can go to Tools > Section Database and add the sections you want to use within the database for Rolled Steel > AISC Steel Profile (v14.1) > Tube

In STAAD.Pro Connect Edition, you will find the Section Database option as shown below


Option 2

In STAAD.Pro v8i and older, you can change the section database to an older version as shown below and that way the TUBE sections would be available as part of the Section Profile Table


In STAAD.Pro Connect Edition, you will find a Configuration option ( after clicking on the Specification > Section Database menu option ) using which you can change the section database to an older one