11. Enhancement / Defect Requests for AutoPIPE Nozzle

Note: if an enhancement / defect has not been added to the program, log an Service request and provide details about it. The more requests logged per an enhancement, the quicker the CAE development team will add / fix that feature in the program.

Remember to review the Bentley AutoPIPE Nozzle Release Notes and the following AutoPIPE Nozzle help section: 

Help > Contents> Contents Tab> Getting Started > Revision History (contains a list of features added in different versions of AutoPIPE Nozzle)

Bug: 1060627

Nozzle: File location is not as indicated on Save-as dialog

Bug: 860253

'Average Temp. Coeff.' values in the ASME 1996 library are not correct

Feature: 800475

Increase Stress values from 1 digit to 3 digits after the decimal



Shell, nozzle and pad materials are updated incorrectly after changing code/code year


Select Year dialog incorrectly update Shell, Nozzle and Pad materials


Add an ATS for AutoPIPE Nozzle


Add WRC 537 code

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