- b. Overview: AutoPIPE Nozzle

Bentley AutoPIPE Nozzle is software for the calculation of local stresses at nozzle/vessel junctions, trunnion attachment points, clip connections, and lug attachments on the shell. Based on these well-known engineering ASME, British, API, and Japanese design standards, Bentley AutoPIPE Nozzle helps engineers and designers quickly determine whether or not the wall of a pressure vessel, exchanger, or tank can withstand piping loads on the nozzle or withstand loads at clip and lug connections.

AutoPIPE Nozzle is installed and licensed with AutoPIPE Advanced or Nuclear subscription. 

Interface – Input & Results on One Screen

 Shells & Nozzles

 Many different vessel/nozzle configurations including cylinders, spheres, cones, semi-ellipses, and torispheres with hollow nozzles or rigid support lug attachments 

Loads & Geometry

Reinforcing Pad / Stress Factors

Load and Stress Options

Calculation Sheet Reporting

QA Reports


1. At this time AutoPIPE Nozzle Filename / Model name can be 127 characters at maximum where each character is of 2-bytes.

2. AutoPIPE Nozzle is not an FEA application. Instead it uses calculations based on design codes. It is not clear if these code calculations are based on FEA (similar to B31J).