Bentley PULS


a. Bentley PULS has been deprecated.

DISCLAIMER 1– UNSUPPORTED VERSION (currently, V8i and earlier generations)

This software version has reached “End of Support” and is no longer supported by Bentley (“Deprecated Product”). By your use of this Deprecated Product, You are acknowledging and agreeing that (a) Bentley is providing the Deprecated Product “AS IS” without warranty; (b) you are not entitled to Bentley support or maintenance of any kind for the Deprecated Product; and (c) you hereby release Bentley from any and all claims, causes of action, or damages of any kind, arising from or in connection with the Deprecated Product.

Another words, there is very little to no technical help available, and the application is no longer being developed. All of the available training information is currently available on this WIKI.. For comprehensive information about the product's availability, speak with your salesperson. Bentley does not have any other product to provide In place of this application. Think about searching Google for additional applications that are similar

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Table of Contents:

  1. Product Data Sheet
    1. Release Notes
  2. Installation
  3. Error Messages
  4. Modeling
  5. Calculations
  6. Results & Graphs
  7. PULS program stops working
  8. Import and Export
  9. Tutorial / Training / General Information
    1. Training #1 Document
    2. Training #2 Document
    3. Training #3 Document
    4. General information about "Compressed Air Systems"
    5. PULS Training Video - PART 1 of 3
    6. PULS Training Video - PART 2 of 3
    7. PULS Training Video - PART 3 of 3
    8. PULS Tutorial -tutorial document on Acoustic Mode Shapes & Reciprocating Compressor System using Bentley PULS.

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