03d. "SAM" (Seismic Anchor Analysis) - AutoPIPE load case

Comments, Questions, and Answers:

Item #1. How do I know SAM displacements are in phase or out of phase?

Item #2: What is the difference between AutoPIPE and ADL Pipe in SAM analysis?

Item #3: What the benefit of including different groups in different SAM cases on the Response Spectrum tab of the Dynamic Analysis dialog?

Item: #4: Why does SAM results appear to be always +ve (positive)?

Issue #5: Why are SAM results different even though applying the exact same Response Spectrum load cases?

Issue #6: Does friction affect SAM analysis results?

Issue #7: Evaluate the impact of SAM combined with Dynamic analysis

Issue #8: Combine "Sustained + Earthquake + Seismic Displacements" in a singe combination

Issue #9: Quickly populate SAM load case settings

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