ISM Nodes into RAM Structural System

 Product(s):RAM Structural System
 Area: Import/Export
 Subarea: ISM Nodes

Node Generation from Revit

Note that this procedure is no longer recommended or necessary in RAM Structural System 15.7 and later. 

Some models when you import or add missing ISM nodes imported into RAM can cause problems with the framing. See the screenshot of a model that originated in Revit Structure and was imported into RAM with the ISM nodes. 

If your ISM repository is originating in Revit Structure you can disable node generation when you create the repository.
1. From the Bentley menu in Revit select “Create Repository”.
2. When the Create Repository dialog opens click the Advanced button and uncheck Generate ISM Nodes

Then generate the repository as normal.

Nodes Already Exist in Repository

If you have a repository that already contains ISM nodes you can use the ISM Editor to remove them.
1. Go to Start > All Programs > Bentley Engineering > Structural Synchronizer > ISM Editor.
2. In the ISM editor go to the File menu and select Open and navigate to your ISM repository and open it.
3. Scroll down on the left hand table until you see node category and select it.
4. In the table on the right side click the first column cell of the first row.

5. Hold the Shift key and scroll to the bottom of the table to the last node and left click on the last row of nodes so the entire table is highlighted.
6. With everything highlighted click the “Remove Selected” icon (the red minus sign at the top.) You will be asked if you want to remove the objects. Click OK.
7. To finalize the operation, go to File > Update.
8. When the model opens in Structural Synchronizer, pick Select All, then Accept, and then Update and all of the nodes will be removed from the model.

Importing Repository into RAM Structural System

When you import a repository into RAM Structural System there is an option to Add Missing ISM Nodes.
1. To import a repository, go to the File menu in RAM Manager and select ISM > New From Repository.
2. When the dialog opens, navigate to your repository location and select it. RAM Manager will then prompt you to Please specify the RSS model to create. Give the model a name and save it.
3. During the import process you will go through some mapping steps, and Structural Synchronizer will open your repository. Unless there are changes you would like make select Update.
4. You may need to do some mapping for unknown shapes and then click the Operations Setting tab and uncheck Add missing nodes. The other node options will be grayed out.

Here is the same model shown at the beginning imported without nodes.