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How do I Transfer my ABD Model to STAAD.Pro for Analysis?

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Open your ABD model.
  2. Go to the ribbon menu and select the Analysis tab and the Create new icon.
  3. When the Mapping dialog opens select File > New from the menu. Then navigate to the location you want to save the ISM repository.
  4. Back in the Mapping dialog click Export. 
  5. The export begins.

  6. When it has finished creating the repository you will see a note in the Message Center that it has finished.
  7. Open STAAD.Pro and create a new project.
  8. Go to the menu and Select File > ISM > New from Repository.

  9. When the Synchronization dialog opens, review and select the options and then click OK.
  10. Another dialog opens showing the progress opening the repository from ABD. 
  11. When Structural Synchronizer opens all the elements in the repository are set to Added and Accepted. You can just click Update to import the repository into STAAD.Pro. If you wanted to prevent something from importing, you can select the element in the table or in the model and change the setting from Accepted to Rejected.
  12. When the repository is finished importing you will see a Success message.
  13. And the 3D model is visible in STAAD.Pro.
  14. To see the 3D model rendered select the View tab and click 3D Rendering.

    Now that you have the model imported into STAAD.Pro you can take it into the Analytical Modeler for analysis.
  15. On the Model tab select Return to Analytical Modeling.
  16. You get a dialog saying the analytical model is being created.

  17. The model opens in the Analytical Modeler.

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