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What is the difference between creating a mat (raft) file and an elevated slab file?

There is really no difference; all files give you the same capabilities. The default files are setup differently because there are usually additional load cases and plans for a mat (lateral load cases, soil bearing plans, etc.). With some work, you could turn any elevated slab file into a mat file and vice versa.

Can I save the data file with results?

This cannot be done with the current version - you need to open the file and recalculate. We expect to add this feature in a future version (but the “save with results” files will be huge).

Can I work from CAD drawings?

Yes. See Chapter 13, “Using a CAD Drawing”.

Is it necessary to start a model with a DWG or DXF file?

No. For straightforward geometry it may be quicker to draw “from scratch”. It can be useful to specify a grid and then use snap to grid to locate columns and walls.

I deleted the imported drawing – can it be brought back?

Yes. It is sometimes a good idea to delete the imported drawing as it affects the extent that Concept displays and prints as well as the file size on disk. Any DWG or DXF file can be re-imported if necessary. If you moved the imported drawing or structure after the first import then the new import will not match. You can move the new drawing if necessary.

Can Concept export to a drawing file to aid in drafting?

Yes, from any plan just go to File > Export Drawing. See “Exporting a plan” on page 155 of Chapter 33 for more.

Can I change the default new file settings?

Yes, a template file contains everything a normal file includes (such as specification settings, plans, etc.) but has no objects. You can create a template from any RAM Concept file by choosing File > Save Template. Concept saves a copy of your file without any objects and with the .cpttmp filename extension. Copy an existing template file by choosing File > New and clicking Copy File... to create a new file based on the template.

Regretfully, custom templates only work with new files, they cannot be applied to existing files nor used with files generated automatically using the Ram Structural System or ISM interfaces. 

Can I set the default file for an RC design?

Yes. You could create a template that is suited to RC design, such as eliminating the Initial Service Load Combination and Initial Service Rule Set, and unchecking the Consider as Post-Tensioned option in the span segment properties. See “About templates” on page 6.

Can RAM Concept Models be saved as an Earlier Version?

RAM Concept models cannot be saved to an earlier version of the program. If you need to send a model to someone using an older version of Concept, you might try installing Structural Synchronizer and export an ISM repository. The repository can be imported into the older version if it is ISM enabled.


ISM Structural Synchronizer CONNECT Edition v.



Information on ISM:


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