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/Structural Synchronizer
 Version(s):CONNECT edition
 Area: Import/Export

This is to show how to export your ProStructures model using ISM and importing that model into STAAD.Pro. 

Steps to Accomplish

  1. First open a model in ProStructures
  2. On the ProStructures menu select the ISM - Create Repository icon
  3. Select a location to save the file and enter a name for the repository
  4. In ProStructures you are prompted to select a view for creating the repository. Select one of the view windows from the drop down. 
  5. The Export to ISM dialog opens to the Substructure tab. (For information on using Substructures consult the ISM help file.
  6. Select the Transformation tab. If you want to export the ISM repository to different coordinates than those used in ProStructures enter the coordinates here. Click the OK button (green check)
  7. In Structural Synchronizer you can see the number of object that were exported from ProStructures. Also since this is the first export all of the objects in the model are set to Status:Added and Change:Approved. to finish creating the repository you must click the Update button.
  8. Back in ProStructures you get a message that Data was exported successfully.

  9. You are also prompted to save your ProStructures model so that the ISM data is saved with the model.
  10. Now we need to start STAAD.Pro and create a new model.
    Add a file name and the location to save the model. Then click Create.
  11. Once the new model opens click the File tab in the upper left corner of the screen and select ISM > New from repository.
  12. In the ISM Synchronization dialog click the Browse button and navigate to the ISM repository exported from ProStructures. Set other options as desired and click OK.
  13. The dialog shows it is working on synchronizing the models.
  14. When Structural Synchronizer opens you will see that the Status:Added and Change:Accepted for all elements in the model. Click Update to finish importing into STAAD.
  15. The model imported into STAAD.Pro
  16. The Rendered model in STAAD.Pro

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