CONNECT Edition v8.0 Release Notes

This document contains important information regarding changes to the STAAD Foundation Advanced. It is important that all users are aware of these changes. Please distribute these release notes and make them available to all users of the STAAD Foundation Advanced.



The Tutorial Manual has not been updated but is still valid. The appearance of some parts of the program in this version may differ from that shown in the Tutorial.


Installation Instructions:

This version can be found on the Bentley SELECT Services Downloads and Updates web page at:

Select “Search Downloads” and log in using your User Name and Password. Perform a Search by searching for the “STAAD Products”, and select the latest version of the STAAD Foundation Advanced.



New Features and Enhancements:

For details on these new features and enhancements, refer to the manual .pdf files available from the Help menu in each module or from the Manuals folder on your hard drive.



All of Bentley’s CONNECT Edition programs, including the STAAD Foundation Advanced, allow models to be associated with a project. Multiple models, from any of the Bentley products, can be associated with a given project. This simplifies the process of keeping track of work done for a project, and in the future will enable analytics to be performed and reported for the project.


A new Project Portal enables you and your project teams to see project details required to evaluate team activity and understand project performance.


When a model is first created or opened in this version the program will ask for a Project to which the file is to be associated. Projects can be registered (created) from your CONNECTION center, selecting the + New command next to the Recent Projects list.



When you sign in to your Bentley account you now have easy access to your CONNECTION center. The CONNECTION center gives you easy access to Usage reports, site configuration information, downloads, and Learning information on webinars, seminars and events, and includes a transcript listing the Bentley courses that you have completed. Your CONNECTION center also lists your recent projects with a portal into analytics on that project. Your CONNECTION center can be accessed by selecting the Sign In command in the upper right corner of the STAAD Foundation Advanced.

Below are links to more detailed information on Bentley Cloud Services.

A guide to your CONNECTION center on Bentley Cloud Services:

A guide to the project portal on Bentley Cloud Services:

 Bentley Cloud Services Tab

New tab is introduced allowing to associate or dissociate a CONNECT project to STAAD Foundation Advanced File.

Also, you can navigate to Personal or Project portal from here.

If you do not already have a Bentley ID, go to [[|]] and select the Sign Up Now link.