10. Results Output in AutoPIPE Nozzle

Comments, Questions, and Answers about AutoPIPE Nozzle's Output Reports

Item #1: No results in output report 

Item #2: Results for Limiting loads: Long. and Circ. Moments at edge of nozzle = 0.00 in AutoPIPE nozzle report

Item #3: Local Axis system load values do not appear to match WRC Axis system values in AutoPIPE nozzle output report?

Item #4: How does Local Axis System Fx= -181 kg become Radial, P = -2353 kg in Div 1 Axis system?

Item #5: Different allowable values between 2 versions of the application

Item #6: Calculate ro, RM, and T for Semi elliptical 2:1 shell

Item #7: Determine values of Kc, Cc, KL and CL corresponding to values of gamma and beta (B1/B2 and B2/B1)

Item #8: Shear stress due to torsion for square or rectangular attachments

Item #9: No Secondary allowable loads are calculated

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