Deleting a Brace that does not appear in Elevation

 Product(s):RAM Structural System
 Environment: N/A
 Area: Modeling
 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group

Problem Description

After making changes to a model such as moving a column or grid, or converting a lateral beam into a gravity beams there may be a vertical brace member that no longer appear in the elevation view and hence cannot be deleted normally. The brace still appears in the 3D view and may cause problems in the Ram Frame analysis.


There are two ways to remove these rogue braces that are no longer in an elevation view that can be selected.

  1. If the braces do not connect to any frame members at either end, then an integrated data check can be performed and the following message will appear: "Some Braces do not attach to Nodes. Do you want them deleted?". Click "Yes" to have them removed. Note – if the brace is connected to a lateral member at one end, but not the other, this message will not appear, so you may need to make some supporting beams or columns gravity members temporarily.
  2. Delete and re-enter the story data for this particular level. This will remove all braces at that level, but has the side effect of also removing any wall openings and resetting the Ram Frame diaphragm numbering which requires reentering mass combinations and user story forces.