RAM Concept PT Optimization Videos

Please use the videos below as a quick start guide for the optimization feature introduced in v06.05.00. These videos discuss the tools and settings used by the optimizer. The information covered in the videos will help you run successful optimizations.

Click here for a feature article that outlines the basic steps required to run an optimization.

Optimizable Objects

This video focuses on the objects that the optimizer adjusts during the optimization. These include banded tendon polylines, distributed tendon quadrilaterals, and profile polylines. The video demonstrates how to prepare these objects for optimization and modeling tips for improving the optimization results.


Optimization Regions

This video focuses on optimization regions. It demonstrates how they are modeled, why they are necessary, and how they affect the optimizable objects.


Running Optimizations and Reviewing Results

This video focuses on running the optimization and reviewing the results. The video demonstrates how optimizations are started, discusses the settings that control the process, and shows how to review and load results into the model.