Ram Connection or Elements Display Problem

 Applies To 
 Product:RAM Connection (Ram Elements)
First Affected Version: (14..00.01.08)
Found in Version: (
 Fixed in Version: (
 Area: Installation; Configuration
 Issue Number: 822490

Problem Description

RAM Connection CONNECT Edition Stand Alone version (x32) may not display properly. The joints "filmstrip" may be off screen to the left and the main connection graphic does not appear at all. A Similar problem can affect Ram Elements



This is a new problem affecting the program configuration on some machines. We believe it occurs where multiple prior versions of the product had been installed on the same machine leaving multiple program configuration files on the system.


Go to the following path´s and edit the Config.ini file for both applications.

Ram Elements version
C:\Users\Win10User\AppData\Roaming\Bentley\Engineering\RAM Elements\14.0.1\RE\Config.ini

Ram Connection Stand-Alone version
C:\Users\Win10User\AppData\Roaming\Bentley\Engineering\RAM Connection\11.2.0\RCSA\Config.ini

If you cannot locate the folder because it's hidden by Windows try entering %AppData% in the address bar to get to \Roaming and drill down from there.

Edit the config.ini file by deleting the section marked in red as indicated below, or simply delete the config.ini file altogether. 

Do not use the restore "Default Values" tool in the program after this or the problem will resurface.