.Bentley AutoPIPE Vessel (powered by Microprotol)


Comprehensive Vessel Design Software

AutoPIPE Vessel provides you with cost-effective and accurate design of pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks, and air coolers. Reduce mistakes and time consuming manual revisions. Ensure greater efficiency with your supply chain and improved collaboration with engineering companies. Increase your efficiency through fully automatic vessel design optimization under all installation and operating conditions.

Increase productivity and provide accurate design for the safe operation of vessels under all loading conditions for pressure vessels, heat exchangers, tanks, and air coolers. Achieve compliance with regional and global standards, including pressure vessel design codes from the past 10 years and regional wind, seismic, wave, and blast-loading codes. Improve flexibility for re-rating and revamping existing vessels. You can design for both brownfield and greenfield projects, and shorten design time and rework by eliminating guesswork. Ensure confidence in vessel design and improve your competitiveness through higher design quality.

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