E36-42: Tie/Link must be connected to another point... error message in AutoPIPE

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Feb. 2022


The following is displayed when using Rotating Equipment module in AutoPIPE:

E36-42:   Tie/Link must be connected to another point

How to avoid it?


As mentioned on the dialog, one cannot be connected to ground it must be connected to another point in the model. 

Therefore enter another point and press the Tab button on the keyboard to move to the next filed on the dialog. 

There is a known issue after inserting a tie/link and the next command is to insert another support. When opening the Support dialog, the dialog automatically saves the previous setting and thinks the next support is another tie/link. However, when trying to select the the next support type the above message is displayed. The problem is that the "Connected to" point must be another visible run node point in the model other than Ground or the current node point. Use the following instructions to break the cycle. 

a. Set Current to: (enter run node point), press the Tab key on the keyboard

b. Set "Support type:" (select any other support type besides Tie/link), again press the Tab key on the keyboard

c. Reselect "Connected to:" value and change back to Ground or other node point. 

d. Finish configuring the dialog as needed and press OK

Done, the issue will no longer appear when opening the support dialog. 

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