How Do I ... review results in AutoPIPE?

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What methods are available to review results after running an analysis in AutoPIPE?


Note: This will not be a tutorial on how to use each feature but an overview. See AutoPIPE help, Learn Server, or official training classes to learn and understand how to use each feature completely. 

Static review: Create an Output Report ...

1. Entire model 

Note: select   from the bottom right corner of the video to enlarge to full screen mode.

2. Selected items

3. Based on filtered criteria:

Interactive Review:

1. One Point at a time

2. Results Grids


1. Only Non-code combinations are available for interactive review of:

2. Conversely, only Code combinations are available for interactive review of

3. For complete details on Results Grids or Input Grids see the following AutoPIPE help section:

Help > Contents> Contents Tab> Bentley AutoPIPE> Result Grids Reference

Question: is it possible to view displacement for code combinations?

Answer: Yes and No, 

By default only Non-code combinations are available for the 5 different interactive scans mentioned above. In order to review displacement of a Code combination, one would need to add a User defined Non-code combination with appropriate load cases as needed: 

Add one User defined Non-Code combination for each code combination to be reviewed. 

Using other applications:

Can AutoPIPE print the Output reports to MS Excel, *.csv, or MS Word

Ability to export data to MS Excel or MS Access from AutoPIPE


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