Ram Connection Seismic Provisions Settings

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 Product(s):RAM Connection (Ram Elements, Ram Steel, STAAD.Pro)
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Where do I specify to consider seismic provisions in Connection Design?

The method to consider Seismic Provisions (AISC 341) and to assign Frame Types varies depending on the version of Ram Connection and what program it is integrated with. The following pertains to:

Ram Connection Stand-Alone

RAM Elements

RAM Structural System


I'm designing a connection with seismic provisions, but the Ry and Rt values don't look right, what's wrong?

Ry (Yield strength ratio) and Rt (Tensile strength ratio) are properties of the material in Ram Connection. The can be reviewed using Home - Databases - Materials - Edit.

To add your own materials with different values, refer to the wiki Creating custom elements in RAM Elements which also applies to Ram Connection.

Note, imported materials from RAM Structural System or STAAD.pro may not have the expected values for Ry and Rt since those are not directly supplied by either of those applications. For Ram Connection users with imported RAM SS files, edit the imported RAM SS materials as shown below (or reassign different steel material to the members):

Refer to Ry and HSS Steel Materials Imported from RAM Structural System for more information on Ry and HSS members that is specific to RAM Connection for RAM Structural System.

For STAAD users, be careful to define the proper values when using the RAM Materials dialog box within the connection mode.

For further details refer to Tips for Using RAM Connection within STAAD.Pro [TN]. and How to Customize a RAM Connection Template in STAAD.Pro 

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