Q, What is the best way to send files for AutoPIPE technical support

To make it easier when sending an email and storing files, we recommend adding all files to a ZIP / RAR file(s)

File size = or < 1gig

Option #1 - Using Bentley Case

Reply to an opened Case with zip file containing all of the requested files. Max file size = 1 gig. 

File size > 1 gig

Please see the following options to upload your file to our Sharefile Location. But, do not forget to send an email to the service request number logged with the name of the file uploaded. Otherwise, it will be lost. 

Option #2 - Using Bentley Service Request Manager

Open your Connection Center web portal, scroll down and mouse click on the white tiles labeled "My Service Request", in a moment a list of all your current and past Service Request will displayed, open an active Service Request, and press the upload button to upload a file to the SR. 

Option #3 - ShareFile services 

Use link here for instructions to upload files to our secure File Upload service. This would be the preferred option for users sending files related to forum postings.  


a. Enter "None" in "Forum thread URL" on the Sharefile page

b. Communicate to Bentley with name of the posted file and when it was uploaded. The Bentley Sharefile is a large directory of posted files visible to only Bentley collogues. If we do not know the name of the file how are we to know that is the one for a particular issue. 

Option #4 - Your own FTP site

Post to your own FTP server, network shareable drive, or other file sharing services available and send a link that can be used to download your file. 

Option #5 - Request a specific Sharefile upload link

After logging a Service Request, request that the analyst provide a dedicated link to upload file(s) to a secured ShareFile site that only the assigned analyst and limited other Bentley personal have access too.