"Message from SofTrack" Messages displayed in AutoPIPE

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Area:Alert Message
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group
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Aug. 2017


The following message dialog appears when trying to view a Stress iso drawing in OPIM. 

Message From SofTrack on Server
License Bentley.....


Why doe this occur and how to avoid it?


This message has nothing to do with Bentley. This is a 3rd party application called SofTrack


Suggest that the user has the most recent version of Connection Client installed and is logged in using the proper credentials. Also, recommend that one of the company's appointed Bentley On Site Administrator(s) review the account user management settings and general account settings to be correctly configured. If everything is correctly configured then please understand that Technical problems with 3rd party apps, such as SofTrack, cannot be resolved by Bentley's AutoPIPE technical support. The only workaround is for you to speak with SofTrack's technical support team directly.

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