(Analytical Cloud Services) 02: How to Sign up for and access Scenario Services

You must be a Bentley user and have access rights to use Scenario Services. For details, please click here

Accessing Scenario Services

Scenario Services may be accessed via Bentley CONNECT portal. You need to first sign in to the CONNECT portal by visiting connect.bentley.com. Next you need to either create a CONNECT project or select and existing one. Then select Scenario Services tile from the bottom of the page to be directed to Scenario Services Home page. Note that the position of Scenario Services tile on CONNECT portal may vary.

Signing in and Selecting project in CONNECT portal:

After logging in, user is redirected to the CONNECTION Center.

You must select an existing CONNECT project or create a new CONNECT project. Once the project is selected, a tile appears at the bottom of the page (ProjectWise Scenario Services Technology Preview). You need to click on this tile to view the Scenario Services Home page.

Functionality of CONNECT Portal page or the process of creating a Project is not part of Scenario Services. However, relevant parts of these screens are shown below with brief description.

The following section describes how to select an existing CONNECT project or create a new project.

A set of projects you have used in recent past will appear in the Recent Projects list. You may select one of these projects by clicking on it or click on More to view other projects created under the same organization. Note that all users of an organization have access to all projects created under the organization but users cannot access projects across organizations.

To create a new project, click on Register a Project button on the Projects page (shown above) or click on New from the CONNECTION Center.

Once the Project is selected, ProjectWise Scenario Services (Technology Preview) tile should appear near the bottom of the screen. Note that location of this tile may vary as more services are offered under CONNECT.

From the set of Services tiles at the bottom of the page, click on the ProjectWise Scenario Services (Technology Preview) link to view the Scenario Services Home Page.