(Analytical Cloud Services) 08: Compare Scenarios

Compare Scenarios:

Performance of Scenarios can be compared using Performance Indicators. Users may select multiple Scenarios and click on Compare Scenarios icon  . Note that at least two Scenarios must be selected for comparison, otherwise an error message appears as shown below:

Note that only Successful Scenarios can be compared (for obvious reason).

Comparison page shows single-value indicators by default.

User may change the selected Scenarios or the Indicators being displayed by clicking on the   and   dropdowns respectively.

Note that different Performance Indicators are displayed in different ways as shown below. The style and type of outputs for displaying the Performance Indicators are determined by the Subject Matter Experts.

Clicking on Detail Data link for a Scenario for an Indicator shows Indicator data for this specific Scenario in a pop-up window. Clicking on the Detail Data – All Scenarios link for an Indicator shows comparison data for all Scenarios for that indicator both in graphical and tabular format. These are explained in details in the next sub-section.

Some charts have an option of selecting chart types. Once the chart type is set, both individual Scenarios and All Scenario views show the selected type of chart.


View Detail Scenario Comparison Data:

Clicking on Detail Data for a specific Scenario and a specific indicator shows the chart and tabular data for that Scenario and indicator. An example is shown below:

Clicking on Legends (DispXMin, DipsZMin etc.) will hide/show the specific indicators. The display will auto-scale.

Clicking on Zoom-in and Zoom-out icons enlarge or contract the Detail windows. This is because these windows cannot be stretched using conventional window handles. The maximum zoom level will be 90% of the current browser window size.

The context menu on the top right can be used to print the graph or to download the graphs as different image formats, or as pdf.

Clicking on Export to Excel button on the tabular data allows the user to download the data as Excel file.

Note that all detail result screens have the same functionalities. Only the data and type of graph/chart will vary.

Clicking on the Detail Data – All Scenarios link from the Indicator column displays similar graph but with all selected Scenarios.